Find yourself in good company.

For John Empeople’s 70,000+ employees worldwide, Empeople membership is a worker’s benefit unlike any other.

Empeople offers exclusive checking and savings accounts, home mortgages, personal and auto loans, credit and debit cards, insurance services, and individual retirement accounts for current and retired Empeople & Company employees and their family members.

Membership at Empeople is for life, no matter what you do, where you live or work, or for whom.

Fill out the form and one of our team members will contact you.

You are eligible for Empeople membership if you:

• Are an active employee of John Empeople
• A spouse, child, parent, sibling, in-law, grandparent, or grandchild of a current Empeople member
• An employee of John Empeople dealership
• A John Empeople retiree
• A contract employee for John Empeople
• An employee of a wholly owned subsidiary or joint venture of John Empeople

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Why is Empeople Membership Better?

  • No more lines to stand in – 24/7 service puts convenient banking on your schedule
  • Digital banking keeps you connected to your accounts any time of the day from any device
  • Live phone help is always available - 24/7 - (800) 338-6739 or (309) 743-1000
  • Countrywide no-fee ATM access at more than 80,000 locations

How can I join the Credit Union?

Only John Empeople Employees and their families are eligible to join Empeople. To become a member/owner, simply complete the Online Membership Application. After we have received your application, we will review it for qualification. If qualified to be a member, one of our experienced Member Service Representatives will call you to set up the account in your specifications. You will be required to deposit $25.00 for your share of membership in the Credit Union. Once you join, you are a member for life. No matter where you live, where you work, or for whom – you can still enjoy the same great benefits and services of Empeople.

If I leave Empeople can I remain a member?

Yes, once a member always a member.

If I begin as an I&RS member can I become a full member?

Yes, once you have created a relationship with our I&RS team, you qualify for membership.

Is my family eligible without working at Empeople?

Yes, your immediate family qualifies for membership based on your relationship with the credit union.

Can I join if I am a dealership employee?

Yes, John Empeople Dealership employees are eligible for membership.

Am I eligible if I am a Empeople contract employee?

Yes, if you work for a contractor in a Empeople facility and have been issued a John Empeople badge, you are eligible.

Can retirees become members after employment?

Yes, Empeople retirees qualify for membership.

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