Empeople Credit Union comes from a long history of helping members achieve their financial goals. Our name has changed, but our mission, vision, and values remain the same. When Deere Employees Credit Union and Infinity Credit Union joined together, they created an even stronger member-focused organization that strives for continuous improvement.

A Mission of Financial Empowerment

Empeople Credit Union is on a mission to create a path to financial freedom for all Empeople members. We value every member of our community and support them as they work toward their lifelong goals. Empowering members with thoughtful guidance, one-on-one financial support, and expertise helps position Empeople as a trusted financial partner.

We strive to show up every day to inspire each member as they pursue their personal aspirations. We’re built to serve our members and we care about people above all else. When we empower people to reach their financial goals, our members and our organization thrive.

Empeople Credit Union

A Vision for Growth

We have a vision for Empeople Credit Union that includes building a community of trust, support, and service. We are invested in the financial goals and aspirations of our members and serve as financial partners to guide them along their  journeys.

As an Empeople member, you are a part-owner of our credit union and because of that, our growth is your growth. We hope to continue to grow with our members year after year to become an even better financial institution and supportive financial partner.

Empeople Credit Union

Our Commitment to Personalized Financial Support

We strive to be a trusted and expert financial partner for our members. For this reason and more, we provide personalized guidance to every Empeople member to help them achieve their financial goals.

Discover how thoughtful financial support, one-on-one expertise, and responsive service can help empower you on your financial journey. Choose between two exclusive financial health programs based on your unique financial dreams.


Discover Empeople Financial Health Programs

2023 Annual Meeting

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

9:00am to 10:00am

Johnston Room | 3950 38th Ave. Moline, IL 

RSVP to service@empeople.com or call (309) 743-1000 by Friday, February 23, 2024.

The Empeople Board of Directors

The Empeople Board of Directors serve on a voluntary basis and are voted on by members at our annual meeting. We thank these Directors for their time, talent, and dedication to members of the Empeople.

Scott Hany
Scott Hany

President of the Board
IT Director
John Deere Financial

Susan Parker Empeople Staff Member
Susan Parker

Vice Chair
Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer
Deere & Company

Denver Caldwell
Denver Caldwell

Secretary of the Board
Director of Sales, US/CA in Ag and Turf Division
Deere & Company

Kurt Lewin
Kurt Lewin


Heather Bishop
Heather Bishop

Global Director Operations
and Strategic Manufacturing,
John Deere Power Systems

Christopher James
Christopher James

Infrastructure Engineer, EA Tools & Services
Deere & Company

Sam Novik
Sam Novick

CEO, HUB Furniture Company
Portland, Maine

Jeff Richards
Jeff Richards

Senior Director, Operations
Consolidated Communications
Portland, Maine

Megan Wheelock

Information Security Officer, John Deere Financial
Director, Enterprise Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) Deere & Company

Empeople Through the Years

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Kurt Lewin, Empeople president


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