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Empeople Investment & Retirement Services provides experienced, professional financial planning through LPL Financial to help get you ready for what’s on the horizon. Together with a Empeople Investment & Retirement Services representative, we’ll work to align your current goals and put your money toward a happy retirement that begins in 5, 10, or even 20 years.

Empeople Investment & Retirement Services Specialties

 Retirement Planning 

  • Investment Options 
  • Qualified Rollover Services 
  • Asset Positioning 
  • Income Planning/Analysis

 Investment Planning

  • Asset Allocation Reviews 
  • Risk Evaluations 
  • Open Architecture Product Placement 
  • Consistent Monitoring/Reviews

Protection Planning 

  • Insurance Needs Analysis 
  • Long-Term Care Planning 
  • Health Care Analysis

Education Planning  

  • College Cost Analysis 
  • State-Specific Planning 
  • 529 Plans 
  • Coverdell/ESA Savings 

Estate Planning* 

  • Legal References 
  • Wealth Transfer Analysis and Implementation 
  • Charitable Giving

* Representative is neither a tax advisor nor attorney. For information regarding your specific tax situation, please consult a tax professional. For legal questions, including a discussion about estate planning, please consult your attorney.

Meet our Investment & Retirement Team

Brad Johannes

Bradley S. Johannes

VP, Wealth Management
(309) 743-1108 • EMAIL

Ryan Batey

Ryan Batey

Investment Representative
(309) 524-1223 • EMAIL

Emily Bulman

Emily Bulman, FPQP™

AVP, Wealth Management
(309) 743-2778 • EMAIL

Derek Mcnew

Derek McNew

Investment Representative
(309) 743-6912 • (239) 309-8829  • EMAIL

Kelly Peterson

Kelly Peterson

Investments Program Coordinator
(309) 524-1229 • EMAIL

Josh Carter

Josh R. Carter

Investment Representative
(309) 743-1085 • EMAIL

Lucus Scott

Lucus M. Scott, LUTCF®, AIF®

Investment Representative
(309) 743-1028 • EMAIL

Shawn Shubat Empeople

Shawn Shubat, ChFC®

Investment Representative
(309) 743-1088 • EMAIL

Michael Sansone

Investment Representative
(309) 524-1265 • EMAIL

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