amazon alexa talking
Welcome to the Empeople Skill

Speaking of convenience, now you can process transactions and manage Credit Union accounts through any Amazon Alexa-enabled devices.  Using the Empeople Skill, you can do things like:

  • Transfer funds from one mapped account to another
  • Request an account balance
  • Cancel lost or stolen credit or debit cards

NOTE: You must be enrolled in Digital Banking to use the Empeople Skill. If you are not yet enrolled, set up your access by selecting “First time User” in the Digital Banking log-in located in the upper right corner of the credit union web site.  Or, please contact the credit union for assistance.

Things You Can Say

Here are some things you can ask Alexa about your Empeople accounts, but be sure to first say, “Alexa, ask Empeople…”

“How much money do I have in savings?”

“How much is my next car payment?”

“What’s my account summary?”

“What’s my checking account balance?”

“When do I have to pay my auto bill?”

PLEASE NOTE: Empeople Mortgage and Visa card information is not yet available via voice banking.