Financial Success.

Financial success is all about balance, perspective, knowledge, values, and your true definition of happiness.

Empeople Financial Success Program is designed to help members identify and stay on track to reach their financial goals.

  • Do you need help learning to maximize your financial opportunities?
  • Is your spouse or significant other on the same page as you?
  • How do you decide how much to enjoy now versus sacrifice for the future?
  • Would your physical health and mental health improve if you were less stressed about your financial future?
  • Could you perform better if you had a financial plan?
  • What if you had someone you could discuss your progress with regularly?

These questions plague financially healthy people, and we’ve found that there are few if any, companies helping people sort them out until retirement.  We believe that is way too late!

Member Success Stories

“This is an incredible opportunity for me and my family.  It gave us the chance to realign our debt. We still have work to do but it is much easier to manage and I no longer feel like it is holding us back.”


 “This program completely changed our lives.  We were not making the most of our monthly incomes due to excessive debt, and higher interest rates on mortgage and auto loans.  This program really helped us get repositioned.  Even though we still have the same debt, we are managing it differently with much higher cash flow and efficiency.”

AFC Accredited Financial Counselor

Empeople Financial Success Managers (FSMs) are financial counselors that have demonstrated they possess the content knowledge and counseling skill sets to help provide educational and emotional support guidance to their clients that help them to confidently take effective action on their financial matters.  They understand a client’s situation through analysis of their finances; discover their personal goals and prioritize the achievement of those objectives.  They also provide financial education, and guidance, and help their clients work toward a state of financial and emotional wellness.

The Program

Your participation includes:

  • Commit to improving financial fitness through accountability.
  • Set short term goals and measured checkpoints along the way.
  • One-on-one FSM info and tutorial consultations.
  • Comprehensive onboarding process, intake assessment, financial review, initial discovery consultation, followed by monthly check-ins.
  • Online tools to streamline your profile, gain financial insight and organize information.
  • Survey and feedback questions to measure program benefits.

Empeople’s commitment in the Program includes:

  • Complete and thorough analysis of your current financial situation.
  • Develop a specific strategy to achieve your objectives.
  • Provide specific advice and recommendations to make the strategy work.
  • Answer questions you may have and provide additional help as needed.

How often do I have to meet with an FSM if I begin this program?

By participating in recurring, customized meetings – virtually or in-person – and digital financial tools, your FSM will provide you with goal setting, planning, education alignment and accountability.

How many steps? How many meetings?

The Financial Success program is a four-step process with four key meetings:

  • Step 1:  Interview
  • Step 2: eMoney
  • Step 3: Financial Solutions
  • Step 4: Accountability Partner

What if Empeople is already my Primary Financial Institution?

Continue to remain all-in you can enjoy all the benefits and success this program has to offer at no charge.

What if I want to try the Financial Success Program before I commit to being All In?

No problem, we know it takes time to change behavior and switch things over. You’ll enjoy a 90-day trial period while using the program, before the fee may begin.

What if I don't want to change my banking relationships, but I want this service?

No problem! You can still participate in the program for a monthly fee of $50* and receive all the benefits of the program.

What if I want out?

Cancellation is easy! Simply contact us at (800) 338-6739 or email us at service at any time to cancel. If you ever believe we have not fulfilled our end of the bargain, we will issue a full refund of all fees paid up to $150.

Let's Get Started

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We look forward to working with you.

Matt Bruns

Matt Bruns, AFC©

Financial Success Manager NMLS 1478980
Waterloo • (309) 524-1210

Molly Carson

Molly Carson, AFC©

Financial Success Manager NMLS 634877
Des Moines • (309) 524-1211

Tom Tobin Empeople Business Development Manager

Tom Tobin, AFC©

Financial Success Manager NMLS 1164269
Quad Cities • (309) 743- 2791