The 12 Tips of Christmas

If you put all the gifts on the list from the 12 Days of Christmas in one room, it gets noisy! Cackling geese, rude swans, busy hens and all kinds of dancing and drumming. What a racket!

But over here at the Empeople Daily we make our holiday lists quietly, and because it’s the end of the year, we’ve filled our 12 Tips of Christmas list with a lot of great consumer info on just about everything you need for financial navigation, including: Home Renovation Tips, Our Year-End Financial Checklist, Successful Habits of Debt-Free People, and more.

And no calling birds on our list, either, none of that pipers piping hullabaloo.

(Here’s a secret: At least one of the 12 Tips is a list of delicious holiday pie recipes. Way better than two turtle doves and a partridge no matter where it’s parked!)

Happy Holidays from Empeople!